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As a designer, I can only applaud you for continuing to use your craft to do exactly what it's intended to do… to communicate and inspire. I commend you in your efforts and admire your passion for creativity, awareness and life.


It's been some time. your films make me smile.cry.love. but most importantly FEEL. i want to help. in whatever way i can.


Hi Patrick, It was a pleasure meeting you today. I went to both your web sites. What a talented guy you are. The best of luck with your film. It is very inspirational.

Eileen P. Grossfeld R.N. Hospice of Baltimore I don't know if you'll remember me or not, but I wrote you sometime ago.  I told you about my father with ALS and the non-profit I/we had started.  I just wanted to reach out and say hello and let you know that I'm thinking about you and trying to keep up via the web. I hope you're getting by alright.  I really think your attitude is great.  It gave my dad a good smile when I showed him the picture of you taking a Yuengling down the old tube. Rock on.

All the best, Timmo Hi Patrick. Hope you are well. I just wanted you wish you a happy spring. I saw my 1st buterfly today :)

Take care Love Stephanie Patrick, Don't know what to say but i'am here for you if need be. I always have had a great respect for you and your work, still do of course. Don't know why these things happen to good people but mabye one day it will be understood. Anything you need buddy, e-mail me and it comes to you next day. Is there anythinmg i can send that would make your day better and don't be funny?

Adam Schlossberg

My brother had ALS. He died Sept 2005. I know what you are going through and my heart aches for you and your family. God Bless You My prayers are for you and your family that you will find some peace as you go through this terrible trial. I wish I was close I would come and help.


Patrick, You are strong beyond words. Bravo. I am moved. Thank you, friend.

Aaron James Draplin

Patrick, Best to you.  Your quite some guy, taking the time to create a film to raise awareness of ALS, while you yourself is fighting it. The film clips look stunning, we need more film makers like you.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your team.

Good luck, and may God bless. Mike Spera Hi Patrick, I've admired your work since my first Transfatty CD came in the mail. I hope my remix vid with your scratching Willie Nelson shines some sunshine on your day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BOfBmDQaSA


Dear Patrick. I hadn't been updated to your world for a while and tried to find transfatty.com and couldn't so i googled your name and found this site. First I couldn't almost believe my eyes, then I became struck with sadness. You have been such a great inspiration to me, especially your Deep Space Mayonaisse series, without them I would never ruin music like I do. And I've been inspired by my impressions of you as a person, which I felt sometimes shone through in the art (or from spectating your communicating on, ninjatuneforum that would be, long time ago though). I wish you all the best luck, and good times, as good as can be. Stay strong and shine on.

Svenno of Norway

I was just introduced to you and your work today.  I pray many more great things to come for you and work.

Truly, Amber Punkin' Pie Productions Patrick.  I wanted to take a moment to write you.  I know you don't remember me, but I'm just a longtime fan of your work.  When you first released "Body of Work" DVD I ordered it immediately… You're a tremendous person, and I would love to help the foundation.  I'm not a person that likes to focus on the negative, rather find the positive in everything.  You have always been an inspiration to me, and will continue to be so infinitely.  I have downloaded your EPS kit and it will stand predominantly on my newly launched portfolio (hopefully in the next few weeks).  I hope at some point I get to a point where I can make a financial contribution. Anyway I just wanted to tell you that the last 4 years of my life were greatly effected by you and your work.  Keep smilin' keep inspirin'

Your friend… Jason Wheatley Sr {Patricio}- it was Transcendendly Good & Delightful and All That to see you I miss hanging out with you already, lets do it again soon.


Patrick, I just wanted you to know that i've been thinking about you alot lately. You have been a huge inspiration in my professional life, and now continue to be even more so as a human being.  I think what you are doing it truely amazing, thank you for sharing so much of yourself with the world.

Mark Miller

Hi Patrick: I hope that you got the blanket and slippers that I made for you. You are really an inspiration, you are in my daily prayers. I read the articles about your films and the fund raising in Sayreville. I send you my love and best wishes.

Victoria Belarista

Hi Patrick, My name is Laura, I'm Mayme's little sister (Wendy's friend).  Mayme showed me your website today and I was really impressed with your work.  Wendy never told me she had such a cool younger brother!  I have also spent time in NY but am living here in Silver Spring for awhile…definitely not as easy finding cool people here:)  If you ever need any help getting stuff done or just want to get out let me know…I am always looking for someone to go to the movies with!


Hi Brian, I was reading parts of Beaudelaire "The Painter of Modern Life" 1860, so right so well done… I though about you… he said "Few men have the ability to see and even fewer have the force to express" I think you are one of those few… he continued saying that "this is the result of an infantile perception, a sharp perception, magic because of ingenuity" I wanted to share this with you and also wanted to wish you and your family a Happyyyy Christmas and prolific 2007


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