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The wreckoning.

Date: 03/12/11

I just returned. And my mind is clear. I must redouble my efforts. I must write this across my CEILING… Redouble Your EFFORTS. The MASSACHUSETTS wind is howling and God's good sun is twinkling in my eye. My head and energy has been divided too long. This is confirmed by the crack of the window -giving way and blowing the curtains in. As if God patted me on the back - or smacked the back of my head. God's good wind feels good. Good good good. This writer just was admitted to the hospital and returned 74 hours later HEALED. I must feel and listen to the lessons i dreamt and learned while there. I must find a path from the pain. I must go easy if and when 7 women are on my mind. I must write the FILm. I must be hard when the time comes and not as hard other times. But above all, with as much GRACE And fortitude as possible - i must continue to believe. Love And faith - —patricksean


Hospital Gown Couture

Date: 11/02/10

life at a nursing home get pretty boring.(unless you live here,,, leonardflorencecenter.org)

so, at the hellhole in the nursing home i had to live in before , i contractracted MRSA, and everyone who viisited had to don a purple gown and rubbeer gloves. this nursing homre also had a long oval shaped nursijng area. out of boreedom and seeing the same blue gowjns breing rworn and treshed everyday, i concocted the lideea to hold a fashioon show in the long nursing hall, uusing it as a runway. the rules were simple , only 5the blue gowns, could be iused 4as the basis dresses , and the accromfents had to be nursing supplies. i stupidly agreed to bev the sole judge. so, on the night of the show, three people had registrered, but dsuddenly a croewd gsatheretd and we had sa dozen cont4estants …tthe blue dresses had been transformed into smock coulture…!it was filmed aandd will be part of the movi6e. but wass unfiilmable was the repurcushions of the losers….


Date: 11/01/31

"ALS has a lot of avenues, alleyways, and boulevards. I've travelled each path only to be met with darkness and silence. One day I climbed a hill, running from the darkness or maybe towards a glimmer. In the confusion, dark and the light collided, silence and sound entwined, something from nothing manifested, and a house on a hill formed. When I awoke, I saw a candle and a man with a jolly voice said, 'it was a miracle,' and I was home." POB, January 3, 2011


Date: 11/01/31

that priest is a doof.. he is narrow sighted. i opt for the 3rd vision of the nativity.. that of roller jesus, the nativity that was in an ancient roller rink. the virgin mary, baby jesus, the sheep, etc. were all skating and by the divine disco ball a miracle did commence.

my point is that it's important for the earth's jet stream of belief to keep, even the wingnuts, even atheists contribute to the cosmic energy that is like a jet stream, hugging the billions of souls and babies born every minute. the beautiful balance is oft times precariously balanced and that is why prayer and belief is so paramount. plus, angels in skates make me smile.

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