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I saw you at the Expresso Cafe, and while you were giving your speech you surely touched both my mothers and my heart. What your doing with the filming is the greatest thing I have seen because no matter what your still holding on strong and doing what you love to do. I give you the best of wishes, stay strong.

Sincerely, Marzena Bochenek Dear Patrick, Honey, Your latest speech will really have an effect. It is easy to be proud of the way you touch people.

Love, good ole Mom

Patrick, it was such a pleasure having join me along with your family at Faith Fellowship Ministries on Sunday, November 6, 2006. You are such an inspiration to all of us. I hope to see you again, very, very soon. God Bless You.


My mom just passed away on October 4th from ALS. I am very upset that I did not know about you speaking at Starland, I would have been in the front row. I just saw it on the front page of the Home News. I really would like to do something big, and I have a lot of people behind me. Please let me know if I can chip in. Thanks.


As a film student, your clips are breathtaking. As a human, your fight is heartwarming. Keep fighting Patrick, I can't wait to see your finished work.

Kevin Kilpatrick

PSO'B - You are the most talented person that I have ever met in my life and you continue to be a true inspiration to others.

Love, Robin-Lyn and Bruce

I am a student of Susan Pellegrini in TV Class. I was at the Expresso Cafe last night helping Ms. Pellegrini out. I just wanna wish the best of luck towards Patrick and hope his DVD is a success. Also I will like to let him know that when I am filming I will keep him in mind. His words last night was very touching and I will support him all the way. I am also going to be ordering one of his DVD's to help the foundation even more.

Sincerly, John Garretson peanut- YOU ARE SOOOO COOL !!! thanks for staying out in the open, in the light. your combination of courage and vulnerability are mind blowing. i love you patrick. A big MAUI ALOHA from your old pal.


Hi Patrick, its your cousin Amy. I was so sorry to hear you are sick. I've been in California, and just got back to Va, and just got this website. Its an neat video, yet sad. I remember when we were young, playing at the pool at Aunt Meme's. All the family is concerned about you, and are keeping you and your entire family in our thoughts and prayers. You are an inspiration to us all. We love you and miss you.


hi patrick, i seed your films and i'm criing for you and for us. now, i love the life more than before. thanks. sorry for my english.

alessandro, rome, italy

The internet is really amazing. 10 minutes ago i never heard about ALS. Now i'm touched by it. Your idea and life will be passed to others like me. Take care and continue to be brave.

Thank you, Guilherme Everything in life is uncertain. Everything but death. How powerful you must become seeing death before you. Knowing you choose the lens for today. The lens you view to experience each day is the essence of life itself. By opening yourself up to the world is to make yourself vulerable. There is no higher form of bravery. There is no higher way to live. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world.

Peace & Love- Tia PS Don't forget to remove the lens cap:) Patrick, You are truly an inspiration. Watching your videos has made me reflect and appreciate everything I have in my life. Despite all of my problems, I know they can be solved and I shouldn't sulk on them. You are warrior. Refusing to go down without a fight.

Thank you, Priscilla I am without words. You're inspiring and I will do whatever I can to help out. I will spread the word and donate money in your name. I'm always thinking about you, trans. Love and hugs.


Good luck with the project. Your approach is very cool! I'm looking forward to seeing the film.

Best, Dan Im lost for words. I feel like anything I say to comment some how can't do justice. Patrick if you are reading this… Micha Riss showed me your work several years ago and I was always so impressed at your ability to infuse all of it with so much personality. Its wonderful to know that in all kinds of chapters of life you have been gifted with the ability to put so much of who you are into your work. … and I don't even know you. POWERFUL STUFF!!


your films are heartwrenching and beautiful. thank you.


I just wanted to let you know that your story, which I found out today thru the article in the Star Ledger, has given me a lot of strength and courage. God Bless you and this project.


Dear Patrick, My mother gave me a copy of The Trenton Times - Thursday, Aug.3rd 2006 edition with the article about your condition. My husband, Nick, was also diagnosed with ALS this week. I support your cause and will be donating money to your foundation.


Patrick, my heart goes to u… i'm from Singapore. i was diagnosed 2003 13th March at 34. i was an multimedia art, 3d animation/lecturer. i now cant walk, eat, talk or can't fully uses upper limbs. choke all the time. u r not alone ^^


Patrick, you are in my prayers dude. Please don't ever give up on life. Trust in God. He loves you.


Very cool project, Patrick. I wish we didn't have so much in common. I was also diagnosed with ALS, on May 25, 2005 when I was 34…….. Footage of you in those videos is like a familiar site. Let’s face it, ALS sucks. But I'm glad to see someone else who keeps going!


You are a beautiful winner. I will help you fight and I will spread the word.

Your friend, Brad my friend. words cannot express how i feel…. your work here is brilliant and profound. I must confess i couldn't watch it without tears…positive energy is magnetizing here in spain. know that. your thoughts are with me man.

peace. love. and light. craig s. stay strong, stay badass


Seriously, being sick makes no sense…. The video was very moving. I hope it hasn't progressed too far, and that whatever happens it never stops you from doing what the universe has compelled you to do.

b. Morrison

i saw your post on newstoday, and was shocked. i haven't seen you around in a while (since that time at curious pictures), but am reminded of you every time i take the elevator to the plus et plus offices on 5th ave (where your name is scratched on the wall). i am inspired and deeply moved by how you've turned the direction of this news into something positive, beautiful, and lasting. i would like to offer whatever i can to help with your documentary . . fleeting moments of beautiful are probably the most touching moments we will ever know on this earth . . . each day is beautiful because it comes and goes. there is beauty in these cycles and the fact that each moment within them came only once in all lifetimes before and yet to come; i respect your reconciliation and aspiration to capture this transitory beauty . . .


I have no words… love, kisses and tears from the north of spain. When i was in Atlanta in 2002, someone said to me…"do you know transfatty?"…. since that year, i love your work… and your brain.

assaf iglesias rivero

…your work is amazing … know you are thought of and have an amazing story. Thank you for fighting for awareness… it is the most important part.


Thanks for everything you have done for the creative community and keep creating as long as you possibly can.


Patrick my love, your project is amazing…Meow


Hey Patrick! I came across your site and your work. I was Blown Away! really Impressed!! …. if there is ANYTHING I can do to help, fundraiser or bring awareness to the cause I’m down to do it ANYTIME!!….GREAT ARTIST to me you are ROYALTY whatever I can do to help out!

M.Sayyid peaceeeeeee! Your website and story are very inspirational. Patrick, I wish you all the very best in your fight against this horrific disease.

Stay Strong! Mat Hello Patrick, I've just spent about an hour checking out this website and watching all the video clips. I really, really liked the videos. You've done an excellent job. The music you chose really made it good for me. I also have ALS. I was diagnosed 5-22-00 at 29 so I can somewhat relate. Anyways, I want to wish you the best in your upcoming adventure in July.

Take care, Eric patrick - your work has always been an inspiration to me. your twisted humor, taste in music, and overall style taps into some place in my sub-conscience that i've always thought was private. maybe it's because we're the same age, or maybe we've shared some similar experiences growing up, or maybe you just spill your guts out in your work like very few people do these days. i have deep appreciation and respect for you… and I REALLY want to see you finish your film. i know it's going to be amazing, and I know it's going to raise awareness about ALS and bring us all closer to a cure. please remember that you have my support throughout this process - let me know how i, or the architecture community, can help in any way.

stay strong, paul We are always looking for heroes to look up to, for sure you are one of Mine.


(big) love & prayers

love your work. Pete Hey Man, I wish you best of luck. Your work is awesome .. Stay up man, keep working, keep thinking, keep creating.

Take care. Matt I know you as a director since a long time and i've always respected and admired your work. My english is not so good so i can just say that you are very brave because you are fighting your disease by making something, you are doing something for everyone and not just for you. Thanks for what you are doing and being such an example for people with diseases. Remember that you have a friend in Italy. Peace.


Best of luck and keep dishing out the badass work!




Wow TF! My heart goes out to you. This endeavor is smart and necessary. You are tremendously courageous to make that video and prepare this foundation. The video is very hard to watch.


keep on keepin on bro, much respect!!!!!!




peace. love. strength.


Video is heartbreaking :(


i'm stunned… all my love, Patrick - hang in there and be strong.


I pray for you always!! you are pure gold!!!


My thoughts and prayers to you Patrick…you are a wickedly talented media designer.


sending you the best of vibes TF your work has always been an inspiration to me Take care buddy


I am truly saddened by the news. I wish you the best. I exit now with a tear in my eye.


holy moly, all the best fat one


My heart (and wallet) goes out to TF.


You are an original person, who has brought joy to many others. My love and support are with you, if you ever need anything please don't hesitate to call.


This is a very strong message you're sending out, Fatty. Stay strong.


absolutely - fight on!!!


TF is a light in the darkness. My thoughts are with you.


strength to you.


god speed, too tough to even try to put anything else into words.


wasn't really ready for a reminder of how fragile we are, god damnit TF, stay strong- fight long.


Damn homie! I got you.


i've always considered him one of the most interesting and creative talents on NT…lets face it, the man is mega talented…music, art, motion, he's probably one of the few real rennaisance men i've ever known… you're one of our shining stars pat. and we're here for you. cheers


Keep that hunger for life you always have. Insperation to us all.


stay strong big boss man….


Needless to say that I love you mate… Now, always and forever brother.


You blow my mind. Good luck. X


stunned. you are certainly a good soul, always will be.


God, please bless Patrick.


My heart goes out to you, one of the most inspirational creatives whos work that I immensely enjoy. I'll be feeding the fund, and eagerly anticipate the completion of your project.


I am so very sorry, Patrick. I have thought of you many times over the past 2.5 years. We never know what life is going to bring to us. You seem to have made the best of a very bad situation. It takes great courage to make your story public and bring awareness to this terrible disease. I have only good thoughts about you, and good memories of a bright, talented young man, and I wish you the best. Take care.

Love, Judy Best of luck Patrick, from Hong Kong with love. k


God Bless You, Patrick!


Saddest thing ever…


Patrick - the strength and motivation your are exhibiting is greatly inspiring - as is what i've seen of your projects here at NT over the years and the snippets of lifestyle stuff that's been posted showcasing your general approach to design and life - you seem to have nailed the art of being of yourself - keep on keeping on - my best thoughts are with you


Much love. Thoughts to you. You will live forever!!!!!!!!! Art has no boundries. keep thinking.


It’s crazy to put in perspective on how each and everyone one of us talk online everyday and in some way or another become part of someones life. I sit here with a smile on my face knowing that we all care and how Patrick was a part of our life's through his design work and just reading his posts on here. I also sit here with a broken heart that this has happend to such a great person. Its kinda like saying nothing can happen to superman or your favorite hero. At the end of it all its how we go about this that will make you that hero. my thoughts and prayers are with you pat and your family. Keep your head up and know if you ever need anything we are just a respond away!!


Patrick, With all our love and support we give to you, my friend. You have inspired so many with your work and Creative lust for life and art. You have given us so much more then we can ever give back, but we will try our hardest. we are humbly at your service. We love you. You will be in our hearts forever.


I had a dream last night that I was telling my parents about Patrick. I was telling them all about his work and his ailment. I kept saying "my friend patrick" "my friend patrick needs help" I've never met transfatty. I've just looked at his work and downloaded some of his tracks over the past few years but damn it he seems like my friend.


you`ve done some really cool shit! never give up, be strong.


you are an inspiration and through this will continue to be. be strong, and rock on


so sorry to hear, all my hope to you TF, be strong dammit he's one of the best out there


Just wanted say how sad I am about this news. It hit me like a bag o bricks when I read it. My heart just sank. I want you to know how inspiring your courage is and I hope and pray that it inspires and brings strength to others who are suffering. Please let me know of anything I can do, in addition to praying for you and your family. Peace.


a true hero


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